Chemring Military Products, Inc awarded a $42 million non-standard ammunition (NSA) contract


Chemring Military Products, Inc. (“CMP”), a subsidiary of the Chemring Group PLC (“Chemring”), announced today that it has been awarded a major contract with the U.S. Government to supply non-U.S. standard ammunition (NSA) for the Department of Defense (“DoD”). This is an award of a $42.1M Firm Fixed Price (FFP) delivery order. This award is for a one year delivery period of various NSA items to foreign governments and international organizations eligible for the transfer of military defense items under U.S. Foreign Military Sales (FMS).


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NSA is ammunition that has not been type classified for U.S. Army use and cannot be procured through the Army supply system. The NSA items are primarily for use in non-U.S. weapon systems. CMP has managed NSA purchase agreements for the DoD since 2010 and is under the operational control of Chemring Ordnance Inc. (“COR”), a subsidiary of the Chemring Group.

Mark Papworth, Chief Executive of Chemring stated, “the decision to award this major NSA contract to CMP demonstrates our Customer’s continued confidence in our ability to provide foreign produced ammunition to satisfy the DoD’s needs. With this award, Chemring Military Products remains a key supplier in the non-standard ammunition FMS market.”

About Chemring – Chemring is a market leading manufacturing business supplying high technology electronics and energetic products to over sixty countries around the world. Chemring has a diverse portfolio of products that predominantly protect military people and platforms, providing insurance against a constantly changing threat. These range from countermeasures to protect aircraft, to ground penetrating radar to protect troops and vehicles from improvised explosive devices. Chemring Ordnance, Inc is an industry leader in the design, development, and production of military munitions components and demolition products.

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