Bring It Close – the third Voyage of Captain Jesamiah Acorne


Studying the fragments of records from the period does not make matters much clearer. The only thing that stands out is that the East Coast of North America and the waters of the Caribbean were infested with privateers and pirates, where a privateer continued on as a pirate in the many brief periods of peace. In time of war, the auctioning of cargo and vessels taken by privateers was as legitimate as the systems of Prizes operated by the English Admiralty to pay a bonus to victorious crews during war. In times of peace, Governors often turned a blind eye to the auctioning of goods taken by pirates, usually in return for a share in the proceeds.

The result is that there is a rich source of stories that can be spun from a lawless age. Bring It Close is one of these stories. There is a generous cast of characters in the book. Each is nicely drawn and credible. The plot flows through the good times and the bad for the various characters. There is also some helpful background information included, with drawings and maps.





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