Book Review – Warriors of the Sky, Springbok Air Heroes in Combat



The author flew two tours with the RAF, flying Mustangs, Typhoons and Kittywakes. After WWII he was a delivery and personal pilot, becoming a South African citizen. In this new book, he tells the under-told story of South African pilots, flying for the RAF and the SAAF there are many photographs through the body of the book to support the text. Many of the photographs are rare or previously unpublished. This is an enjoyable and informatory study of South Africans in air combat that will be appreciated by a wide readership of aviation enthusiasts.

The author has covered the variety of South Africa flyers and experiences through WWII and on into the South African Air Force. What stands out is the courage, determination and esprit de corps of South African airmen. This is a great book and highly recommended.

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