Book Review – The British Expeditionary Force, The 1914 Campaign



In any centenary year, publishers churn out books to commemorate the date. The outbreak of WWI in 1914 has been no exception. With few exceptions, this event has produced a fine selection of books and, even where one campaign, or one battle, has been covered by several authors, each has offered fresh insight and provided a valuable additional book. This book fits into this situation. Many authors will naturally cover the 1914 Campaign on the Western front because it was the point were initial war of movement gave way to a unique and terrible form of fixed line fighting from trenches. That the German advance bogged down was due to the incredible bravery of the small British Expeditionary Force which tenaciously fought the very much larger German force and brought them to a standstill.

One of the valuable aspects of this book is that there are many battle maps and this very capably supports the text. A book well worth reading and a good starting point for all of those new readers who want to find out more about WWI and perhaps the parts played by family members a century ago.

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