Book Review – The Kaiser’s Army, The German Army in World War One



The future of the highly respected marine and military imprint Conway was beginning to look at threat. After several incarnations with new owners, it has been acquired by Bloomsbury and the first books in this ownership suggest the imprint has made port safely. This new book is a very substantial and inciteful review of the Kaiser’s Army. The author has spent a lifetime in British Army service and has now developed a new career as a successful historian. Much of his service to regimental command has been conducted in Germany which has undoubtedly helped greatly in developing a firm understanding and respect for the German military history. The writing style is very readable and the book has maps through its body, with photographic presentation in photo-plate sections. The publisher has also used the end paper space to present images in full colour. This is an excellent book that no WWI library can be without. For such a well presented and produced book of substance, the price is also highly competitive. Highly recommended.

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