German Secret Weapons of the Second World War, The Missiles, Rockets, Weapons & New Technology of the Third Reich



British and German scientists developed a wealth of new technology during WWII. The difference was that the British were a little more restrained and were able to fall back on US weapons that may have been less advanced and less capable, but could be produced in very large numbers, very quickly and be delivered to the front line. Their greater simplicity also tended to provide much greater reliability. However, the German rocket program and the exotic nature of some weapons has captured the imagination of generations since 1945. The author has produced a readable book that presents a range of German attempts to change the nature of warfare. It is a book that will appeal to a wide readership that includes those who are not normally interested in technology of weapons. There is a wealth of drawings throughout the book that brings to life this innovation. In addition, there is a photo-plate section that provides rare images to add to the story. A commendable work at a very reasonable price.

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