VfB report on EU Defence Union plans


VfB have launched our second report, “Nouvelle Vague: An Audit of EU Defence Union Plans”. Co-authored by Maj-Gen Julian Thompson and Dr Lee Rotherham, the report outlines in detail the steps that have already been taken, and are being taken, towards forming an EU Defence Union.



From a UK perspective, as a major security player and a Permanent Member of the United Nations Security Council, this carries an elevated series of innate risks such:

  • A threat to the UK’s status as the only European member of the Five Eyes Community;
  • A threat to NATO, in the context of dissimulation by proponents of EU Defence Integration saying no threat exists;
  • Interference with the way national armed forces are administered, for example seeking the wider introduction of trades unions;
  • The generation of genuinely pooled financial resources in defence, with the consequential risk that this encourages member states to cut defence budgets even further;
  • Decisions on UK defence priorities being made by the EU.

These swift changes carry extra risk in a period of major transition in the United States political scene, and risks encouraging rather than reducing the decoupling of the United States from European allies.

These also carry serious questions on the nature of the UK’s future level of engagement  with EU states. No safeguards for preserving UK sovereign interests in those appear yet to have been considered

  • The report summary can be found here: Summary
  • The full report can be found here: Report

VfB’s report should be regarded as the true reference point for an understanding of EU Defence Union plans and the UK’s role in them post-Brexit. We hope that you will find it helpful; please include it in any correspondence with your local newspaper or MP!

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Will Carver

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Veterans for Britain