On Point

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, then the AnySharp Tactical Knife Sharpener is a nifty little gadget you could be in need of.





Built to withstand the pressures of the outdoors, the aluminium body is both durable and rust resistant. Perfect for on the go, it comes with an integral finger gripping hole keeping those finger away from the blade preventing any slips or accidents! Creating a perfect edge every time whether it’s a pen, hunting or tactical knife the list goes on, the process is quick and easy. In just 3 to 4 light strokes you can sharpen any blade is seconds. With no movable or removable parts nothing can break and it will last for many years under extreme conditions.


Whether it’s a camping adventure in the mountains, taking part in a long distance hike or fishing you can be reassured that this Knife Sharpener won’t be adding any unnecessary weight to your load. Just pop it in your pocket, or attach to a key ring or belt and you’re ready to step into the wilderness. The chain loop even allows the sharpener to be removed from your key ring easily without having to remove every other item with it.


Nothing could be quite as appropriate for those portable, outdoor adventures than this little gem brought to you by AnySharp, at just 70mm x 25mm in size and 6mmm thick, it’s your new compact companion for any road trip ahead.

Supremely robust no matter where your adventures may take you you’re ready for action. With so many users that know, love and trust in AnySharp become one of a whole collective.


The AnySharp Tactical Knife Sharpener is available to buy online from Amazon for £13.99.