Australian Inventor First in the World to Develop Nikola Tesla’s ‘Death Beam’.

  • Australian Professor Showcases New Electric ‘Death-Beam’ with an effective distance of 500 km
  • His Invention is Powerful Enough to bring down Planes from Hundreds of Kilometers Away
  • Device uses 50 Million Volts and was developed at University of Adelaide by Prof. Adrian David Cheok

Device is a Defensive Weapon Only

London, 24th September 2021… An Australian scientist has developed a defensive weapon which was invented by Nikola Tesla but had never actually been developed before his passing away.

Nikola Tesla, the father of modern methods of generation and distribution of electrical energy, invented the device when he was 78 but passed away before he could develop a working prototype..

After more than a decade of research and development, Professor Adrian David Cheok has developed a working prototype, and perfected the method and apparatus. The research was funded by the Malaysian Government Agency, Khazanah Nasional, during a 5 year research stint in Johor, Malaysia. After returning to his home town of Adelaide Australia during the Coronavirus Pandemic, he finalised the project with the help of Professors in The University of Adelaide.

The device sends concentrated beams of particles through the free air, with such tremendous energy that they will bring down airplanes at a distance of up to 500km, and can kill soldiers without a trace.

Silent and Leaves NO Trace

The Tesla designed “death-beam,” operates silently but effectively at huge distances at a capacity permitted by the curvature of the earth. The beam is invisible and will leave no trace other than the destruction of its intended target.

The production of the ‘death-beam’ involves four new inventions.

The first comprises a method and apparatus for producing rays and other manifestations of energy in free air, eliminating the high vacuum necessary at present for the production of such rays and beams.

The second is a method and process for producing huge electrical forces.

The third is a method for amplifying this process in the second invention.

The fourth is a method for producing a tremendous electrical repelling force.

The voltage used in the device is approximately 50 Million Volts expelling particles of mercury with immense destructive force.