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Paperbacks to our South African customers Not everyone likes reading digitally; some of us still need to hold a book, smell its crisp pages. But it can be difficult getting your hands on the books you’d like to read; many overseas-based online retailers don’t ship to South Africa and those that do charge heavily for postage.

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BookPick : Spring 2021



BookPick : Spring 2021

by BigJules

I vividly remember my first boat. She was called ‘Galah‘ and I sailed her in waters around Tasmania that would have been familiar to the early explorers of what was then Van Diemen’s Land. Sadly, these days I have little time to venture out on the water but I retain a strong interest in boats, large and small, as well as my abiding passion for the ships of the Great Age of Fighting Sail. This BookPick pays homage to Shackleton’s famous boat, celebrates a gifted American yacht designer, shines a light on cruising grounds in the south of England, explores navigation down the ages and examines the fate of castaways.



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