Anders Lassen VC MC of the SAS


The VC is a gold standard award for exceptional bravery in the face 
of the enemy, known around the world. The MC may be less well known 
outside Britain but it is a very high honour and to win three is 
exceptional. This is the story of a unique individual and has been 
told well. Very Highly Recommended.

Last Stand at Zandvoorde 1914, Lord Hugh Grosvenor’s Noble Sacrifice


Produced using unpublished letters home and contemporary accounts, 
the author has written an excellent account of Lord Hugh Grosvenor 
and his action at Zandvoorde. There are many rare and well-chosen 
images, maps and photographs to support the text. First Class Account.

Hitler’s Ardennes Offensive, The German View of the Battle of the Bulge


The author has collected together and sensitively edited the 
thoughts and recollections of the key German Leaders. This 
exposes attitudes and capabilities of the German commanders 
and military leaders. In the process it does much to 
demonstrated why the Germans failed in the Battle of the Bulge 
and in the war. Extremely interesting and informative.

Lockheed Martin Receives $1.45 Billion Contract for PAC-3 Missiles

Domestic and International Orders

DALLAS, Dec. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The United States and allied military forces will upgrade their missile defense capabilities under a new $1.45 billion contract for production and delivery of Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) and PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhancement (PAC-3 MSE) interceptors.

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Images of War, Armoured Warfare in the First World War 1916-1918


The Images of War series is based on lavish illustration, using 
rare photographs from wartime archives, but each book also includes 
a great deal of textual information in concise captions and extended 
captions, with longer overviews linking the photographic record. 
This book matches the highly successful series and the author is a 
highly experienced former defence intelligence specialist with a 
long list of top selling books to his credit, highly recommended.

Facing Armageddon, The First World War Experienced


In the two decades that have followed the first publication of this 
work, nothing has come to challenge it and this edition is therefore 
most welcome. It was a pioneering work and still is, presenting the 
scholarship of sixty four specialists and the real experiences of 
participants. It can fairly be regarded as a foundation work for 
anyone wishing to understand this epic conflict. Much Recommended.