Shoot Your Socks Off

New Format for The London Shooting Show

The London Shooting Show will be on Friday the 30th June and  Saturday the 1st July at  E.J.Churchill shooting grounds in High Wycombe. With a registered sporting shoot, team flushes and world record clay distance stand there will be shooting over more than 100 traps for visitors to the show. The Gladwin Brothers from The Shed and Rabbit restaurant will be demonstrating game cooking and offering to cook anything game related you bring to the show that is in season. The show will have a village feel with live music and exhibitions related to the sport of shooting and will provide a great day in the country only 45 minutes from the centre of London. Tickets £10 in advance , £15 on the day.

Successful Brimstone weapon integration flight trials continue for Eurofighter Typhoon


A further series of flight trials of Eurofighter Typhoon with the low-collateral, high precision MBDA Brimstone air-to-surface weapon have been successfully completed at BAE Systems’ site in Warton, Lancashire. The trials are part of ongoing development work on the Phase 3 Enhancement (P3E) package for Typhoon, which will also deliver further sensor and mission system upgrades as part of Project CENTURION  – the programme to ensure a smooth transition of Tornado capabilities on to Typhoon for the Royal Air Force by the end of 2018.

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Fighters over the Fleet, Naval Air Defence from Biplanes to the Cold War


This book is probably the most comprehensive study of naval aviation and the importance of the fighter to provide defence to a fleet. The author has produced extensive notes, bibliography, data and index to help the reader find a way through the considerable amount of detail on naval aviation from the major navies – Most Recommended

Looking Down on War, Intelligence Images From The Eastern Front


The author had a distinguished career in aerial photographic Interpretation and this is his seventh book, drawing from that considerable experience. The author has based his lavishly illustrated work on captured German war photographs showing what they knew about Russian strength and activity on the Eastern Front. Highly Recommended

The Illustrated War Reports, Trench Warfare, Contemporary Combat Images From The Great War FILE: R2443


A splendid selection of war artist illustrations with vivid text. This is a fascinating book that brings out the carnage of WWI as the opposing armies engaged in a terrible war of attrition. Highly Recommended

Images of War, The Patton Tank Cold War Warrior, Rare Photographs From Wartime Archives


A new addition to the Images of War series, covering the Patton tanks of the Cold War. This is a fascinating book that reveals the development from the M47 to the M60 and the specialist support variants. Good text and outstanding images, a Must Read book.

Images of War, SS Grenadiers on the Russian Front, Rare Photographs From Wartime Archives


A new addition to the Images of War series, extending the coverage of the Waffen SS. The text is confined to a brief but informative introduction and to photo captions. The strength of the book is in the outstanding selection of images.

Secret Duties of a Signals Interceptor, Working With Bletchley Park, The SDS and the OSS


Had this book only covered the Special Duties Service and its radio intercept stations, it would be a very important addition to the available knowledge on one of the most important but covert parts of activity during WWII. The author has covered much more including details of RAF Mosquito squadrons and her later service for the OSS. Most Highly Recommended.