Cold War 1945-1991, Berlin Blockade, Soviet Chokehold and the Great Allied Airlift 1948-1949


The publisher has built a solid reputation by releasing a number of series of military history books with a high photographic content. This series promises to become as popular as the well-established Images of War series and similarly makes use of rare photographs, with full colour sketches and drawings to augment the photographs. The Cold War effectively began in 1945, but the Western Allies initially responded passively to Soviet expansion. The Berlin Blockade marked a new stage in the war and the Allies struck back brilliantly – Strongly Recommended.



Images of War, The Experimental Units of Hitler’s Condor Legion, German Aircraft in Action During the Spanish Civil War, Rare Photographs From Wartime Archives


This addition to the very popular Images of War Series is a special treat for aviation enthusiasts. The Spanish Civil War became an important proving ground for aircraft and armour as part of the German concept of Blitzkrieg. Over-shadowed by WWII, the Condor Legion in the Spanish Civil War has received little coverage – Highly Recommended.



Mau Mau Rebellion, The Emergency in Kenya 1952-1956


After the end of WWII, the second Labour Government embarked on a program of managed decline for Great Britain. This started an indecent rush to abandon the Empire. Often described as the Mau Mau Rebellion, this saw Kenya engulfed in civil war as the Kikuyu sought to take over at the expense of other tribes and the Asian community – Strongly Recommended.

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U-Boat War Patrol, The Hidden Photographic Diary of U 564


By happy accident, a shoe box full of photographs was liberated from a U-Boat pen at the end of WWII, hidden until recently, to be found once more. The author has provided a unique and graphic account of U 564. This is much more than a photo essay, with well researched and written text, supported by this unique treasure trove of images – Recommended.

GI The Illustrated History of the American Soldier, His Uniform and His Equipment, Terrible Swift Sword, Union Artillery, Cavalry and Infantry, 1861-1865

This popular series of books follows the publishers format of lavish illustration with concise text. The author has provided a unique impression of the Union Army, using early field photographs that include some coloured photographs – Recommended.

Modern Warfare, Soviet Cold War Weaponry, Aircraft, Warships, Missiles and Artillery


This popular series of books follows the publishers format of lavish illustration with concise text. The author has managed to encapsulate the Soviet Cold War weaponry in a single volume without skimping. Outstanding rare photographs and concise text – Recommended.