Australian Inventor First in the World to Develop Nikola Tesla’s ‘Death Beam’.

  • Australian Professor Showcases New Electric ‘Death-Beam’ with an effective distance of 500 km
  • His Invention is Powerful Enough to bring down Planes from Hundreds of Kilometers Away
  • Device uses 50 Million Volts and was developed at University of Adelaide by Prof. Adrian David Cheok

Device is a Defensive Weapon Only

London, 24th September 2021… An Australian scientist has developed a defensive weapon which was invented by Nikola Tesla but had never actually been developed before his passing away.

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Boeing to Retain ICBM Guidance Systems Support Contract through 2039


– The 18-year, $1.6 billion sole-source award builds upon Boeing’s 25-year history in guidance and navigation repair

HEATH, Ohio, Sept. 20, 2021 — Boeing [NYSE: BA] will continue maintaining the guidance system for the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) for the U.S. Air Force under a recently awarded 18-year, $1.6 billion sole-source contract.

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LandCraft 9, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, The US Army’s Combat-proven Fighting Vehicle, 1981-2021

The LandCraft and TankCraft series are aimed at modellers, but have proved very popular with military history enthusiasts, due to the excellent Introductory text. The M2 Bradley covered by this book was a Cold War design that has seen a great deal of service in the Balkans and Middle East, proving to be a high effective and versatile vehicle Very Highly Recommended

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Nelson’s Navy in 100 Objects

The ‘in 100 Objects’ series is proving very popular, providing a fascinating look at a subject through a cross section of objects that define it. This new book in the series reads well and contains a very interesting selection of images that are almost entirely provided in full colour through the body of the book Very Highly Recommended

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