Air Raids on South-West Essex in the Great War, Looking for Zeppelins at Leyton


The 1914-18 Great War saw the first real use of air power. Balloons 
had been used for escape and for observation in earlier wars, but 
this was the first time that fleets of aircraft had been used for 
attack and defence. Highly Recommended.

The Silent Attack, The Fallschirmjager Capture The Bridges of Veldwezelt, Vaoenhoven & Hanne 1940


The Battle of France depended on surprise attack by large mechanized 
and armoured forces. This depended on attack through Belgium, and 
that depended on overwhelming the Belgian forts guarding key river 
crossings.  The authors have produced an enthralling account of how 
German Special Forces fought to take and hold the key river crossings 
to allow the main German Army to swarm into France. 
Very Highly Recommended.

Next Generation Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System Successfully Engages Medium Range Ballistic Missile Target

Aegis Weapon System test supports the U.S. Phased Adaptive Approach to protect Europe from attack

USS JOHN PAUL JONES, Feb. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The USS JOHN PAUL JONES, supported by the U.S. Navy, Missile Defense Agency and Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), used the latest evolution of its Aegis Combat System to detect, track, engage and launch a missile to intercept a Medium Range Ballistic Missile target.

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Churchill’s Folly, The Battles for Kos and Leros, 1943


The Allied efforts to eject German troops from the Eastern Mediterranean after the surrender of the Italians has not received much coverage and this book a timely correction. The author has provided an incisive account of the actions . Highly Recommended.

The Canal Pioneers, Canal Construction from 2,500 BC to the Early 20th Century


Even today, much commercial cargo still travels by water. The 
building of canals was vital to opening up access to trade and 
industry. The author has provided a comprehensive review from 2,500BC 
to modern times of the development of canals. Very Highly Recommended.