BookPick : A Secret World

BookPick : A Secret World

by BigJules

This selection is devoted to the black arts of spy-craft – espionage, code breaking, clandestine operations and the like – and features four titles by recognised experts in the area. In my Kydd tales Nicholas Renzi, against his moral compass but undertaken from his sense of duty, is sometimes involved in covert operations involving the French and other enemies of Great Britain. As a serving Royal Navy officer I was privy to a number of classified activities and have long held a fascination for a world largely hidden from general view but crucial to the freedom and values of our democracies.


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Supermarine Southampton, The Flying Boat That Made RJ Mitchell

The authors have combined clear text with an outstanding collection of photographs, illustrating the Supermarine Southampton story in design and construction and in service with the RAF, Japanese Navy, Argentina, Turkey and Australia. The Southampton seems an unlikely father of the Spitfire as the design that established RJ Mitchell. Very Highly Recommended

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Wellington’s Light Division in the Peninsular War, The Formation, Campaigns & Battles Of Wellington’s Famous Fighting Force 1810

The Light Division has become well known due to the brilliant novels tracing the fictional hero Sharpe of the 95th Rifles. The author provides a detailed and riveting account of the Light Division and its three regiments, 43rd and 52nd Light Infantry and the 95th Rifles. Most Highly Recommended

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The Army of Ptolemaic Egypt 323-204BC, An Institutional And Operational History

Very little attention has been paid to Egypt after Alexander the Great, but this book explains how the Ptolemaic Army maintained Egypt’s position as a major power. The legacy of Alexander’s campaigns was a number of the significant nations of the Middle East being ruled by his successors and Egypt was an enduring part of that legacy. Most Highly Recommended

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